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About Me. Enjoying the sunshine

About Me

I am a single mum to two wonderful young adults who continue to fill me with pride and joy and I feel so very lucky and blessed to be their mum! It is so very rewarding knowing they are both happy and healthy living their own lives, making their own choices, not needing me anymore like they used to, I am enjoying having more freedom from the responsibility and exploring the choices I now have available to me.

I have learnt from my own experiences through my life so far how I really can only control and change my own choices, behaviour and thoughts and that I certainly cannot control or change other people`s! I try to always internally listen to whatever positives I have going on and not allowing the negative ones to be prominent or the loudest!

I like to take pleasure in the simplest of things, I love my first cup of tea in the mornings, and my daily walk in the beautiful woods near me, listening to the birdsong, admiring the ducks and swans on the lake all helps to keep me grounded and connected to my own `here and now` present experience. It helps minimise me feeling overwhelmed or worried, especially at the moment where everything we`ve known as secure and safe seems to be not quite so anymore.

I have experienced some really tough times, being a single parent is far from easy or without it`s ups and downs and challenges but I know that it is that very circumstance that led me into the counselling world. Myself and my young children all needing somebody we felt safe with to help us all manage, process and deal with the emotionally difficult circumstances we found ourselves in. It all became very clear to me whilst I sat there thinking how amazing this counsellor was, this was exactly what I wanted to do with my life from that moment onwards.
The counselling training was rigorous, life changing, meaningful, rewarding, challenging and fulfilling, all the things working as a counsellor actually is.

I have had quite a few different jobs before becoming a counsellor. Since leaving school they varied from being a nanny in London age 18 to collecting eggs on a chicken farm in Lincolnshire at 24 and caring for the elderly here in Surrey and Hampshire in my 40`s. I do believe each of my previous jobs have taught me a different life lesson, resilience, tenacity, resourcefulness and patience to name just a few! Furthermore, equipping me with the qualities, values and life experiences needed to be the person who now helps others to find a better way forward for themselves.

Please read on to find out more about How I Work or my Qualifications and if you have any questions at all, please get in touch by calling me on 07800 512 918 or emailing << b="">

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